eROBOT, j.s.a.

Save costs

Robots without breakdowns will save you money on maintenance. This unique solution contributes significantly to the stability and sustainability of production processes.

Enviromental Solution

Significant impact on oil consumption. You will not need to change the clean oil. Worn oil is a significant environmental burden. Take the green ecological solution.

Tribodiagnostic data online

You will see the online filtering status and operating values ​​of the transmission elements. Integration into your existing information systems is easily possible.


Design, development and implementation solutions for oil filtration in robotics. We are the inventors and manufacturers of a complete solution covering filtration equipment, sensors and software. Everything under one roof.


Our founder is a tribologist expert and owner of a patent for real-time filtering of robotic gearboxes during a normal robot work cycle.

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People Research

Not completely satisfied with our invention, we are continually working on improvements. We are a technology company based on invention.

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Business Development

We are not limited to filtration in robotics. Our solutions, sensor technology and lubrication process analysis are also applied in other industrial areas.

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The "e" in our company name means ecological. Our vision and mission is to make robots more environmentally friendly. Come with us.

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Our core team

We are a young company with young people full of ideas and energy. We believe that we are making necessary and useful solutions that will be appreciated by economists, production managers as well as ecologists.

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